Website Hosting

Website hosts are companies that provide space on a server that has a dedicated connection to the internet. This is where your website files reside in order to be accessible by the public. Elite Internet Sites provides website hosting services for you with reliable website hosts. Website hosting fees for a normal small business website are $10 - $15 a month.

Copywriting For Websites

One of the more challenging aspects of creating a small business website can be formulating your message and writing the website copy. Many people simply don't feel they have the writing skills or the ability to organize the information into a logical flow for their website. A website copy writer may be helpful. We will work with each client to ensure copy is organized effectively and the information has a logical flow for their website.

Domain Name Registration

The website's domain name is what is often referred to as the "website address" or URL. Website domain names are registered through separate companies known as domain registrars. We will assist you in registering a domain name with the proper organization, and also help you choose a name that will help customers find your website more easily.

Website Visitor Statistics

In order to find out how well your website is working for you, there are a variety of website tracking service that record the number of visitors, what pages they read and for how long, as well as many other useful statistics. Although optional, Elite Internet Sites highly recommends using and will provide one of these tracking services to gauge just how well your website is performing.

Website Maintenance

Any website designed by Elite Internet Sites is owned by you, the client. You are welcome to perform updates and modifications as you wish. However, doing so may require a working knowledge of website coding. If you foresee that your routine updates will be minimal and sporadic, every few months or so, then it may make more sense for you to simply pay to have your website updates done, rather than going through the learning curve required to maintain the site yourself. Website updates are billed at an hourly rate, with a minimum charge of 1/4 hour.